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Accept Your Private Invitation To A Special 1-on-1 'Spiritual Reading' Directly With Me To Help You Understand Your Higher Calling to Heal and Help Serve Others - It's Free 

Understand How To identify The Unique Gaps Between Where You Are Today... What You Are Missing... And Get A Clear Vision How to Proceed - Even After Trying to Figure It All Out On Your Own Without A Mentor.

All of my students use these sessions with me to gain clarity on their gifts, their purpose, and what it means to pursue this awakening path.

This is the FIRST step in your own journey to mastering your abilities and using them to make a positive impact on the world around you.

For a limited time only… I am offering these private SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC READINGS to students who just joined the Unleash Your Inner Psychic System to help them maximize their results with their membership.

This private spiritual reading has a very specific purpose and that’s to help you gain clarity, get started quickly, and get the most out of your training and course experience.

In this SPIRITUAL READING I will read your energy and help you understand your gifts and how they manifest in your private and daily life. We will also take a look at your potential for your gifts and how to use them as well as ways you can start implementing your gifts to their highest potential. 

I’ve found that our new students are much more successful with their course training and confident with their gifts when they get direct and specialized guidance from me. Even a quick, 30-minute reading from an experienced mentor who understands the awakening journey has provided huge validation for many spiritual seekers.
Complete this final step before moving on to your training, so you’re set up for success!
Apply for your FREE 1-on-1 Private Spiritual Reading below (You’ll only see this invite once.) During this session, you’ll get:
Gain full knowledge of what your gifts truly mean for you in this world and why you have received them.
Gain insights into your specific gifts and how they tie into your greater spiritual purpose to serve.
of how these powerful gifts manifest in your life daily and how to control them.
of how these powerful gifts manifest in your life daily and how to control them.
About what you can do with your gifts, how to use them, and how to reach your true potential
About what you can do with your gifts, how to use them, and how to reach your true potential
That YOU have been given these gifts for a reason!
That YOU have been given these gifts for a reason!
To move ahead knowing that you're ready to serve, heal, and impact.
To move ahead knowing that you're ready to serve, heal, and impact.

Complete the quick application below to qualify for your 1-on-1 Private Spiritual Reading (normally $497 value), at no cost.

 Once you submit your application, please give at least 1-2 business days for review. Check your inbox for approval. A link to book your session will be provided.

 There are limited spots available for these COMPLIMENTARY readings. This application is necessary to make sure only serious inquiries apply.


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This is a complimentary, no-pressure, spiritual-reading call. This is NOT a sales call.
After the reading portion of the call is complete, and ONLY with your permission, I will take this opportunity to share other training opportunities including my upcoming 12-week Psychic Mastery Accelerator Program.
Special scholarships are available for this program, but only if there is a mutual match to continue forward.

If this sounds awesome to you, please complete this quick questionnaire below:

1) How would you rate your current psychic gifts and abilities now? (Check all that apply) *

Total novice
Awakening but still fearful and uncertain
Open and out of control
Somewhat in control but ready to take my gifts to next level
In control and ready for more

2) What's been your greatest challenge(s) to your awakening? (Check all that apply) *

Too much energy coming at once
Afraid what others think
Limiting beliefs
Pain or trauma
Feel blocked

3) What's your higher calling with your gifts? (Check all that apply) *

Not sure but I know there's something
I want to help others
Self achievement
Connect to something greater
Overcome fears

4) Do you already provide some healing support or services to others? *

5) If "Yes" to question #4, please check all that apply: *

I already have clients
I am just starting to dabble in working with others
I provide some services but I do so for free
I am in a healing profession (e.g. reiki nurse massage life coach therapist or caretaker etc.)
Not applicable

6) If a magic genie were to appear and you had ONLY 1 or 2 questions you could ask about developing your psychic gifts, what question(s) would you want to ask? *

7) Is there anything you specifically want to cover during the reading?

8) Please affirm: I understand that this is NOT a sales call, however... IF there is further interest and if there is a match... Then, only with your permission, will scholarship information for the upcoming Psychic Mastery Accelerator Program be provided *

Yes I understand that this is a complimentary no-pressure spiritual reading. Scholarship information for the upcoming Psychic Mastery Accelerator may be provided 'only' if there is a mutual match.

9) How are you feeling right now at this very moment about taking this next step? *

A little scared
Weird/crazy about going this direction

10) Last question: Are you committed to showing up on time and ready to go at the time slot you selected? (NOTE: My calendar slots are indeed limited. Missed calls will NOT be rescheduled unless you give 24-48 hour notice. You will be sent a private link with Joe via Zoom video or audio) *

  • Complete the pre-call form now so we can prepare for our time together, and book now to ensure the best selection of times and availability.
  • My coach will take the time to show up for your call and I expect that you will honor this time as well and show up for your scheduled time. If you do not show up, this planning session invite will not be extended to you again.
  • This is a real planning session. If you find availability on the calendar and schedule, please come prepared for 75 minutes of focused planning time for your business.
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Tell us about your business (who do you serve, what problem do you solve for your clients)
What are your goals for the next 30-90 days?
What patterns or roadblocks are holding you back from the success that you want?
What is your monthly or yearly income goal you like to achieve?
FINAL QUESTION: What’s the biggest challenge in your business you want help with right now?
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